Yacht charter – live a unique and customized sea experience

Escape from the crowd and explore the most amazing places of Ionian Sea!

A yacht charter offers all the benefits and facilities of a comfortable suite enabling you to explore a variety of exciting destinations in luxury, comfort and privacy. Choose one of the destinations our team proposes, or ask for a tailor made cruise to satisfy every member of your group and have an unforgettable sea experience. We invite you to explore the best spots of Zakynthos by choosing the itinerary that best meets your fantasy.

Zakynthos –Blue Caves – Shipwreck - Xigia:
If you are in Zakynthos, don’t miss this wonderful relaxing cruise. You will visit the top spots of the island while enjoying your drink on the deck of our yacht. We guarantee an unforgettable sea experience.

Zakynthos – Marathonisi - Porto Vromi - Shipwreck – Blue Caves – Xigia :
For those who want to see more of the island but spend more time onboard, we highly recommend this tour.

A bit of Kefallonia & Zakynthos /Skala - Blues Caves - Agios Nikolaos – Xygia :
An itinerary made for those who would like to see a bit of both islands.

Zakynthos, Chora/ Sightseeing & shopping :
Step aboard for an amazing cruise in the Ionian sea with final destination the picturesque Chora of Zakynthos. Visit historical sites, do your shopping at Rouga Square or enjoy the amazing view from Bohali, up on the hill.

Boarding from Zakynthos main port.

Including brunch, lunch, refreshments, coffee, beer, wine served on board.

Best of destinations

The amazing Blue Caves

Cruising towards the breathtaking Blue Caves. There, you will be delighted by the coloration of the white rocks and turquoise blue waters. Depending on your mood, stay on the boat to enjoy the view or jump in the sea for swimming and snorkeling through the sea caves.

The famous Shipwreck beach

It is probably the most famous beach in Zakynthos, known for its beauty worldwide. It is situated on the western side of the island with lovely white sand and one of the most photographed landscapes in Greece. Great spot for relaxing on the boat, swimming in the crystal waters or walking on the sandy white beach taking photos.

Xigia, the extraordinary natural Spa

Cruising along the beautiful coastline of Zakynthos you will have the chance to admire the long, well organized beaches, the secret bays, the colorations, the sunset. Xigia beach is a natural health resort in the northeast of the island. The small bay is set between the cliffs, with turquoise waters and extreme beauty. The natural spring water flowing in the sea is filled with collagen and sulphur,known for their therapeutic and relaxing properties.

Marathonisi – A small paradise in the Marine Park of Laganas

Located in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and probably one of the most popular and scenic spots in the bay of Laganas. At this spot it is likely to meet and take photos of the famous caretta caretta turtle in its natural environment. MArathonisi is a green, turtle shaped, uninhabited island and it is the place where carreta caretta nest its eggs. Here, you will enjoy swimming next to the sandy beach or snorkeling into the fantastic crystal blue waters or just relax under the sun.

Porto Vromi

Porto Vromi is another small bay offering magical scenery, amazing blue waters and a positive aura, ideal for your relaxation. It is situated on the North Western coast of Zakynthos. Close by there is a small cave where you can admire the stunning rock profile of the ancient sea god called Poseidon. Just walk along the seaside and let the smells lead you to the local taverns.

Zakynthos (Chora)

Zakynthos town (Chora) is the capital and commercial center of the island. One can find a variety of activities to enjoy this beautiful town. Visit historical sites such as the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, the Cultural Center, Dionysios Solomos Museum or the Catholic Church of St Mark etc, admire the Venetian architecture, do shopping at Rouga Square or enjoy the amazing view from Bohali, up on the hill.